New app - Live wallpaper - Red Evening

2012 m. gegužės 1 d., antradienis

Hi! I've just created a new app - live wallpaper. You can download and rate it here :

After GameJam

2012 m. sausio 30 d., pirmadienis

Recently I was in Global Game Jam 2012 Vilnius. It was awesome! I was in team of myself, and made game : The Run : . You can play it free and even download source!

Creating new game with andengine - Omos run

2012 m. sausio 21 d., šeštadienis

Hi, everybody! I'm creating side-scrolling running game Omos run. Nothing more  :)

Searching gfx artist for game

2012 m. sausio 11 d., trečiadienis

Hi! I'm creating a new side scrolling game and searching a gfx artist. Got intrested? Send e-mail : here.

Norgil adventures - OPEN-SOURCE!

2012 m. sausio 4 d., trečiadienis

Hi! My news is that i maybe finished Norgil adventures and it became open-source! You can download source here : download.